1. Water Pilferage of any form is punishable under R.A. 8041 and P.D. 198 (as amended).
  2. Please pay on or before due date to avoid 20% surcharge/penalty.
  3. Water bill with arrears is already scheduled for disconnection even before due date. Said new due date is only for the imposition of the surcharge of the current month`s water consumption.
  4. Please avoid  disconnection. Reconnection fee is P500 plus all other new charges and diposits.
  5. Complains regarding this water bill is only entertained within five (5) days from its delivery.
  6. This bill maybe paid at the Gapan City Water District Office or immediately upon delivery. GCWD assumes no responsibility for payment made without official receipt.
  7. Please pay your bills at Gapan City Water District Office (GCWD) has no field collectors.
  8. Should you need assistance, please call (044) 958-0603.
  9. This bill supersedes previous unpaid bills and shall be your basis in making payments.
  10. Disconnection stoppage fee is P200.