The original system of the district was constructed on 1932 under the municipality of Gapan. Then it was transferred to Local Water Utilities Administration (LWUA) on February 6, 1976 with CCC. No. 021. It was transferred to LWUA in order to improve, finance and expand the distribution of water. Presently the Gapan City Water District serves an area of approximately 345 ha. This covers eleven (11) different barangays the San Lorenzo, San Vicente, Mangino, Pambuan, Malimba and Baluarte. The district has six (6) sources of water supply. These deepwells are located at barangay San Lorenzo, Pambuan, San Vicente (Freedom Park), San Nicolas, Sto. Cristo Norte and Baluarte. Water pumped from the deepwells are treated by means of chlorinators. The Gapan City Water District office building is located at Tinio Street. San Vicente, Gapan City, Nueva Ecija.