One (1) Unit  

Brand-new Generator Set,

                         60Kw/75Kva at standby; 54Kw/68 Kva at prime

                         254V/440V; 60 Hz; 3-phase; 1800rpm; cosɸ = 0.8; IP 23,

                        Insulation Class H; Silent ( enclosed ) type; Heavy duty steel

                        base frame comes with Isolation Panel and

 Automatic Transfer Switch Panel with special feature of

 Wireless Remote Control Access Technology


Specification as follows:


                        Brand – new Generator set, silent ( enclosed ) type;

                        60Kw/75 Kva at standby; 54 Kw/68 Kva at prime

                        254V/440V: 60 Hz; 3-phase; 1800rpm;

Cosɸ = 0.8; Direct coupled;

Class H with tropical insulation; IP23 protection;

Heavy duty steel base frame

Dimensions ( mm ): 2250L x 1000W x 1550H;

Base mounted fuel tank supports 8 hour running.

Certified ISO 9001-8, ISO 14001, ISO 8528-1 and ISO 3046-1



                        4 cylinders, 4 stroke diesel engine;

                        1,800 rpm; 3.9L displacement; After-cooled, turbocharged;

Electronic governor fuel system;

950-1050 rpm Low idle; 7.2 m/s Piston speed;

8.2 kw Friction energy output;

Bore x Stroke: 102mm x 120mm;

Electric starting; with Electrical speed governor;

Certified ISO 8528 standard and ISO 3046-1



                        440V; 3Phase; Class H, 1800rpm;IP21

                        Regulation type: Auto Voltage Regulator ( AVR )


                        Certification and Specification Compliance:


                        ISO 9001; ISO 14001; ISO 8528-3, IEC 60034, NEMA MG 1.32-33, CSA

                        C22.2n®100-14, UL 1446 ( UL 1004 on request ), marine regulations,

EN 61000-6-3, EN 61000-6-2, EN 55011 group 1 class B standard for European zone ( CE marking )






                        Auto Start and Auto Mains Failure Control Modules




Back-lit LCD display; Front panel editing;

LED and LCD alarm indication; Power Save mode; CAN and Magnetic

Pick-up/ Alt; PC and front panel configuration; 6 Digital inputs, 3 Analogue inputs; 6 Outputs ( 4 configurable on Magnetic Pick-up/Alt., 6 configurable on CAN version ); Configurable timers and alarms; Alternative configuration Event Log ( 10 ); Remote Start Input; 3 Phase generator monitoring; Current Monitoring and protection; 3 Phase Mains ( Utility ) monitoring; Test button; Battery voltage monitoring; Engine pre-heat; Hours counter Comprehensive shutdown or warning on fault condition.


Certification and Specification Compliance:


                        BS EN ISO 9001:2008; BS EN 61000-6-2; BS EN 61000-6-4; BS EN 60950;

                        BS EN 6068-2-1/2; BS EN 60068-2-6; BS EN 60068-2-6; BS EN 60068-2-30;

                        BS EN 60068-2-78; BS EN 60068-2-27; BS EN 60529;

                        UKAS, CE, UL, EGSA & AMPS ACCREDITED


Note:                           All cables shall be THHN wire or equivalent

Warranty:                   One ( 1 ) year warranty under normal operating conditions.

Delivery:                     Forty five (45) working days.